Bill Woodward
Bill Woodward
The following PDFS are all scans from the many binders that Mr. Woodward made during his many years of scouting.  Navajo Chapter is forever indebted to him for caring so much about Navajo Lodge and Navajo Chapter to compile these binders for us.  
I know he would be very happy that they are now available for everyone to see and search.  You will find history going back to the 1930s including Ordeal records, Brotherhood records and Vigil Honor records.  You will see charter documents and many other interesting facts about our Lodge and Chapter.
Thank you to Bob Spence and Eric Jones for taking Mr. Woodward's binders and getting them scanned and posted online.  The original binders, after being scanned have been placed in the care of the Ontario City Library for future generations to refer back to if they are ever needed.  Otherwise, they are available here for anyone in the world to peruse to learn more about the history of our wonderful Brotherhood of Cheerful Service.
Best Regards,
Eric Jones
Navajo Chapter Adviser 2019